Evolution of diversity

The Babylon project started with my fascination with the simplicity that underlies sequences of only 4 compounds that make up DNA and a limited number of rules for translating genes into proteins. The enormous diversity of life on our planet shares those simple rules.
It is also about problems that our society is currently facing. It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between fact and fake. It seems as if we have lost sight of the underlying principles of communication that are reminiscent of a Babylonian confusion of tongues. The Babylon Project is a quest for simple structures and rules that underlie our lives and our society.


Not a single person to be seen and yet present.

Disrupted boundaries

We are constantly struggling with boundaries and how to guard them. For example limits in how we communicate, greed, growth and where do facts start to become fiction.
Disrupted boundaries is a series of abstracted works around this theme. The works performed in different materials without digital techniques. This way of working takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to struggle with work to achieve the intended result.