I am not a painter,
although most of my work is done on canvas or paper.

I am puzzled why some people hardly notice my work and others are touched by it,
but that’s not why I choose to make art.

I am curious and like to experiment,
my personal view on a reality which can be questionable or unnoticed.

I try to keep focus,
that’s why I try to work in series, often I take side roads.

I am not sure what’s the difference between photography and a painting,
so I use both to tell my story.

Talking about art,
let’s talk.

Becoming an artist is easy,
remaining an artist is an art.

I am fascinated by chemistry,
both physical as in interaction with art.

I don’t provide answers,
instead I try to make the unnoticed visible.

Art does not solve problems,
I try to give alternative viewpoints.

Dark matter is an awesome concept,
being in heaven without realizing.