We are constantly struggling with boundaries and how to guard them. For example limits in how we communicate, greed, growth and where do facts start to become fiction.

Disrupted boundaries is a series of abstracted works around this theme. The works created with different materials without digital techniques. This way of working takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to struggle with work to achieve the intended result.

when space deforms

nothing in my headno light and ignorant

if you set the mill on fire you get hungry

I came across this powerful photo of a burning windmill near Ypres in the 1st world war. I don’t know who made it and what is the story behind it. But somehow it is a metaphor for me for all those fact-less opinions that we give a stage.

emptiness becomes visible when support is lost

we need stories, else we lose a part of who we are

White Noise

How reflect memories what we have observed?

How affects time these memories?

Are memories dynamic,do we construct our memories?

Nature is my starting point when I try to visualise these questions. There is a lot to see while walking through nature.Colors, textures, movement... Too much to remember in detail.

I try to convert the feelings and images I get from these walks into abstractions. Images that refer to walks without showing them. What remains is a frozen recording of reality as I experienced it during the walks.

144 days

144 days represents the time that this work was done outside in the winter. 144 days also represents a journey that a refugee makes.
The hardships along the way are the traces that 144 winter left on the canvas and frame.

It started with a fairy tale

Mixed media on canvas.
95 x 80 cm.